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“If the sight of blue skies fills you with joy, if a blade of grass springing up in the fields has power to move you, if the simple things of nature have a message that you understand, rejoice, for your soul is alive.” -Eleonora Duse

I didn’t begin my career life thinking I’d be an herbalist. Herbalism, or the wonder and awe at what plants can do when they are harnessed and used in relationship with the physical/mental/emotional body, is a thing one journeys into by experiencing plant power. My love of wild places, trees older and wiser than me, cycles of seasons and sun and moon, mountain streams and their wildflowers, the capabilities of nature outside human influence, have always been significant to me. From the time I could walk my parents viewed family vacations as events that should happen in a tent in the woods, not hotels at exotic destinations, so I fell in love with being outdoors. Then I went to art school and began a career in specialty coffee, but my reset was always alone, lost in the wildest places I could access.

Plants have always held magic for me, and when I began to use them in my daily life to nourish and heal myself, my eyes were reopened to the powerful things the earth so freely offers up.

Opening jars of dried flowers and berries to prepare myself a simple mug of bedtime tea brings pungent sweet, clean, juicy, irresistible fragrances that cannot be reproduced outside the plant world. Smells that hold within them the power to calm, cleanse, and heal.

I value the purity of plant healing, and value the wisdom of my ancestor’s folk medicine, and I make all of my products to honor the ingredients: the plants. All of my products are 100% organic, natural, and free of preservatives, stabilizers, dyes, fragrances, and chemicals of any kind. The list of ingredients is simple, and the healing is powerful.

I’d love nothing more than to be your friend and ally as you explore what plants can offer you.

Committed to Sustainability

Every product in The Wilderness Maven Apothecary is made with plants that have been sustainably harvested from the wild or grown organically. This practice ensures that not only are the plant medicines made from potent raw materials, but the plants used will continue to flourish for the generations to come.

Native American wisdom says take only what you need, and leave more than you take. The bounty of plants in the Pacific Northwest that we are able to wildcraft for our products is a gift from the earth, so we make it our mission to give back. To that end, 10 percent of sales from every product that contains wildcrafted materials are donated back to organizations dedicated to keeping the Pacific Northwest a wild and beautiful place.


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Alcohol-based herbal tinctures, single herb and combination tinctures, to give you a strong dose of plant medicine!


Handcrafted with local, organic ACV and honey, these oxymels provide warmth and health from the inside out.