Our Story



Let’s sit on the front porch of a cabin with our ancestors for a minute. An evening of hand processing the bounty that was harvested earlier in the day from the woods right outside. Roots, berries, flowers, and leaves, all growing in season and carefully selected for the way in which they’ll work with our bodies to sustain and improve our health.

Hi, I’m Jenn, the founder, maker, and plant-lover behind The Wilderness Maven. I started this company to bring accessible medicine back to the people to whom it used to belong: YOU. Today we hear the word “medicine” and most of us immediately think of something from a pharmacy, over-the-counter or prescription, used when we need acute treatment for an illness or wound. These kinds of drugs are out of our personal influence, and beyond an average knowledge/skill level to make. These kinds of drugs treat a symptom, not the larger problem, or worse yet, temporarily mask the symptom. There is a difference between “health care” and “medical care.” Health care is how you take care of and nourish yourself on daily basis. Medical care is wonderful and necessary for those times when you need something stronger and more acute. Herbal medicine is health care and should be incorporated into daily routines to support better and more sustained health overall.

Medicine of the people is, and always has been, anything that we consume or surround ourselves with that supports health, vitality, and happiness of the whole person. Clean drinking water, fresh air, lovely scenery, a warm hug from a loved one, whole foods, healing spices, roots, berries, leaves, flowers. Yes, even putting on your coziest pajamas and settling in with a cup of hot cocoa on a cold night is good medicine! Medicine making at home can be a strange idea in this age, but how powerful and freeing to know you can take a walk through the woods, harvest a plant growing at your doorstep, and with some basic knowledge and preparation, turn it into a powerful whole-person medicine. This is the kind of medicine that provides energy, healing from chronic illness, and vital health.

The Wilderness Maven is a small-scale, small-batch handcrafted herbal apothecary. The herbs we use are grown with intention on our own land, sustainably wildcrafted from our local environment, or sourced from ethically-minded sustainability-focused farmers in the United States. Our goal is to bring you plant-medicines that will help you down the path of your most vital life. Medicine is seasonal. Medicine is local. Medicine is a whole, not a part.

We invite you to join us on the porch, where slow living is good living, stories are shared, knowledge is passed, and health is enjoyed to the tune of sorting elderberries and nettle leaves for tonics in the seasons to come.